Testing the Pre-Trib Rapture

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  1. Gday brothers,

    Be blessed brothers, this is the only correct view according insight and logic sense told us by scripture and finally to be honest, i’m very glad to have found a correct explanation regarding this matter which in fact wasn’t that difficult to discover about salvation of the left behind at His second coming, for all is written and sealed in the book. But many apparently didn’t understand it quite well but only a few at this far regarding my research to find at least one who shared my understandings. Following the view of the majority doesn’t always mean their vision is the right one! Self examinations are the best way to acheive the best understandings and then one can always compare and debate with others, but sadly i had to experiance to be thrown out of some well known christian pre trib rapture groups because of this same view! Sad!
    Recently i’ve posted a very humble video about the post trib rapture as being the only truth of what scripture really tells us.

    Be blessed and keep always the good works!

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